Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Invaluable investment

After scouring the shops of Yarmouth, I found that mesh drying rack I desperately needed.

There will be no more waiting three days for a sweater to dry for this gal. Nope. I have a rack where I can lay down dry garments and the air will circulate around them, thus drying them in hours instead of days.

And since I've finished a knitting project, it's time to start another one. I've decided to cast on for a cell phone cozy of my own design.

Isn't that moss stitch yummy? MMMMMossy goodness. This will be the first time I've designed my own pattern, so I hope it turns out as fantastic as I'm anticipating.

Ever since I heard an interview with the owner of Crumbs, a cupcake bakery in New York City, on Martha Stewart Living Radio, I've been craving cupcakes. So last night, I pulled Nigella Lawson's How to be a Domestic Goddess off the bookshelf and looked up her recipe for fairy cakes.

How divinely domestic.


  1. I realize that we're more and more alike every day, Ingrid! I, too, have Nigella's book (although I don't use it nearly as much as I should) and if I had access, I would listen to Martha Stewart Radio regularly. As it stands, I received her Homekeeping Handbook for Christmas. It was my favourite gift! :)

  2. Quelle coincidence, Sherrie! I'm a big fan of Martha Stewart and all things domestic. Nigella has some great cake recipes and her recipe for Lily's Scones is one of my favourites (try it if you haven't yet).

    I think we might be twins separated at birth.


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