Wednesday, August 05, 2009

I'm an award-winning knitter

One of the ladies in knitting group has been entering her work into the local exhibition for years and has been appalled at what has been passed off as "award-winning" knitting. She explained to the rest of the ladies that if we were to enter some of our work in the fair, we would all come away with some fancy ribbons and could call ourselves "award-winning" knitters. Sounded good to me.

So last week, I went to the exhibition office and bought myself a $25 membership. That allowed me to enter as many knitted objects as I wanted (it's usually $5 per entry) and I'd get free admission to the fair. I picked out five of my best FOs, filled out some paperwork, and handed my items over to the exhibition staff. Jesse and I went to the fair this evening and, lo and behold, there are ribbons attached to all of my entries.

I am an award-winning knitter.

First place for Dad's felted blue jay!
the award-winning blue jay
First place for Mum's Porom tam!
the award-winning Porom tam
First place for my Ishbel neckerchief!
the award-winning Ishbel
Second place for Mr. P's Trellis! (ahem. Some pink acrylic atrocity won first place.)
the award-winning Trellis
And third place for Gramie's Forest Canopy Shawl!
the award-winning Forest Canopy Shawl

Since the prizes are ribbons AND cash, I'm pretty sure I won enough to cover my entry fee.

But the real honour is being able to call myself an award-winning knitter. I like the way it sounds.