Saturday, March 29, 2008

I see a white wall and I want it painted . . .

Mint green!

And aubergine!

Blogless Annie came over today to impart her vast knowledge of painting (She has painted her entire three-storey house. She knows a thing or two about painting walls.). We started first thing this morning and finished the kitchen by supper time! All the walls in the house were stark white when we moved in. I knew right away that I wanted to do some painting, but I thought it would be hard. Guess what? It's not hard at all!

Next up, painting the living room.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter/Joyeuses Pâques

Easter egg cake recipe from Nigella Lawson's Feast.

*I just realized I made this same cake last year.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Six pack

Brenda tagged me for this "six random facts" meme. I have so many quirks, it's kind of tough to narrow it down to six!

1. My arms are incredibly long. They span nearly six feet . . . and I'm 5'5". This is why I think I may run out of yarn before I finish my Hourglass Sweater.

I love you this much!

2. As stated in a previous post, I yodel.

3. I'm allergic to kiwi, pineapple, all citrus fruits and most other tropical fruits. Yeah. Deathly allergic.

Don't worry, Mum! This isn't a real lemon.

4. I'm not a vegetarian, I'm just a picky eater. I don't like red meat and I haven't eaten any since Grade 8.

5. I can touch my elbows behind my back. It's supposed to be humanly impossible. Why can I do this? See quirk #1.


6. I am accident prone. As I type this, I have Band-Aids on two fingers. I seem to break my big toe yearly (I'm due for another break either this month or next, so watch out!) and I've dislocated both of my shoulders (not at the same time). I could go on and on . . .

I'm not going to tag anyone, but please, share some of your freakish quirks in the comments!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Pillow talk

When I ordered the fabric for Andrea's backpack, I may have ordered a couple half yards of some pink Joel Dewberry prints to make throw pillows for the bedroom. This weekend, I had the chance to make those pillows -- my first foray into patchwork. I think it went well.

I bought a couple of pillow forms at Michaels and loosely followed this tutorial to make these. I think they look quite happy nestled on the bed with the original big pillow made out of those place mats Sherrie gave me.

I haven't left knitting by the wayside! I've been diligently working away at an Hourglass sweater (ravelry link) in chocolate brown Noro Cash Iroha. It's so much fun knitting with this yarn. Mmmmm.

And I think my mitten mojo is coming back. I felt the urge to finally knit that second Birdie mitten the other day. I know, winter is almost over, but it would be nice to have two mittens. I'm just sayin'.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Like a teddy bear on heroin*

That's how cute this backpack is. I promised my cousin Andrea that I'd make her anything she wanted from Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing for her birthday. She chose the simple drawstring backpack and she said it could be in any colour, as long as it's not pink (she's hardly a girlie-girl).

I ordered some fabric from purl and decided to splurge on an Echino print since it's her birthday.

I love the way it turned out! It is painfully cute and I'm sure she'll like it. I sort of think I need one for myself . . . it's a good thing I ordered extra fabric.

And what am I toting around in this backpack? I'm strangely in love with this record. I had a thing for Robert Plant when I was about 5 years old. For some reason, I really liked his solo stuff from the 80s . . . even though it was absolutely dreadful. Back then, I had never heard of Led Zepplin and I loved this song. Then again, when I was 5, I also thought my Dad was John Lennon and Freddie Mercury was my best friend.

Yeah. I was an awesome kid.

*lyric from this tune.