Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Today is a beautiful fall day. So beautiful, I've decided it's a good day to wear party shoes, even though I'm not planning to go to a party. It felt great to go grocery shopping this morning in a cute new skirt and party shoes. Nothing can cheer a girl up like a nice pair of red rose flappers.

I'm working on a scarf for my friend, Marcel. He commented on one of my scarfs when I first moved back to Yarmouth and, right away, I went out and bought some lovely local yarn. I think it's from a farm in Chebogue. It's taken me since then to finally take my knitting supplies from out of the closet. The reason? Not because I didn't want to knit, but because of a little kitty named Moustache. I couldn't knit anywhere near him when he was a small kitten, but now that he's nine months old, he's not quite as interested in playing with yarn.

Here's a photo of the scarf in progress. And, yes, that's Moustache's paw in the frame ... just waiting to pounce on that scarf and beat it up.

I plan to finish the scarf on the plane when I go to Saskatoon on Halloween. I'm going to visit my amazing friend, Erica. She lives in Saskatoon with her hubby-to-be, Recep. I haven't seen her since we graduated from King's in May 2004, so I'm very excited to see her. I plan to drink lots of wine, eat sushi and *hopefully* Recep will cook something for us. (He used to be a part owner of Turkish Delight in Halifax and his veggie kebaps are something else.)

Jesse and I are going to the Daniel Johnston documentary tonight. It's playing at the Osprey in Shelburne, of all places. Of course, it didn't play at the movie theatre in Yarmouth and it's not for rent in the local video store, so I was so happy to find out the Osprey is screening it. Should be fun.