Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Fresh from the salon

Yay for new haircuts! I just came back from the salon with this lovely 'do. I think this is the best haircut I've ever had:

I've gone through lots of different haircuts since I started growing hair on my head at age 3 (yes, I was a late bloomer, er, grower), but this is reminiscent of the haircut I had in seventh grade. Of course, it's updated and more mature, but still very similar to that 1993 'do. I had boy short hair and long hair since grade 7, but I think this cut suits me the best. It's cute and neat, just like me.

Tonight I may go to the knitting group at Hands on Crafts on Main St. in Yarmouth. I've been invited before, but I had kind of forgotten about it until I went to buy some needles Monday. The lovely lady working the cash told me they meet every other Wednesday evening to knit and I'm very tempted to attend. Plus, I think it's mostly old ladies who are members of the knitting group and there's nothing like hanging out with a bunch of old ladies who knit.

In six days I'll be in Saskatoon! Yay!