Thursday, October 26, 2006

New purchase

I went to knitting group last night and it was so good. I figured I would be the only person there under the age of 60, but, to my surprise, there was a good mix of folks. Two ladies were grandmotherly, one was about the age of my mother and the other was in her 30s! It was great fun. Good conversation too!

I was introduced to Mission Falls superwash merino wool last night. It is the softest, most lovely yarn in the world. And, since it's washable, it makes it even more practical. I didn't buy any last night ... instead, I dreamed about it ALL NIGHT. So, first thing this morning, I went back to Hands On Crafts and bought a skein.

I'm planning to knit the umbilical cord hat from the Stitch and Bitch book out of it. I was looking for something soft, washable and worsted for the hat ... all I could think of was acrylic. When I saw the Mission Falls yarn, I knew immediately it would be perfect for my friend's baby. I'll knit it on the plane to Saskatoon.

My hairdresser commented yesterday on my 2x2 scarf and I told her I'd make her one. She liked the denim colour. Then, when I went to Hands On Crafts this morning, two people in the store commented on it! So nice to hear that people like my handiwork.