Friday, October 27, 2006

Getting a head start on the weekend

I got a call from BM saying I could work this weekend! That means I'll make a little extra money before I send in my expenses for the month. Awesome.

Usually when BM asks me to work for him, he doesn't hand me over any of his story ideas, which is fine because I don't mind scrounging around for a good story. But today he surprised me. When I said, "I'll call you later on today with some story ideas," he said, "I've got two for you right here." Crazy. One story idea was good and I actually did the interview, took the photos and transcribed my tape already; the other idea is kind of crummy. I'm considering calling him and telling him I'll be working on another story instead as search and rescue crews will be looking for the missing diver in Clare on Sunday. I think I will do that.

So, I got a head start on the weekend. I've got my Saturday story nearly finished and it's still Friday. Yay for me. That gives me more time to cover any breaking news that happens tomorrow (yeah right, as if anything ever happens on the weekend in Yarmouth).

That's it. No knitting today (yet). I've just been reading a LOT of knitting blogs and I think I have a blogiction (blog+addiction?).