Sunday, October 29, 2006

spikes on a plane

My brother has expressed concerns about my bringing knitting needles on the plane to Saskatoon. According to CATSA, knitting needles are allowed on air planes in Canada. I've been googling "knitting + Air Canada" and have found that some knitters have run into problems while trying to bring knitting gear on airplanes, but it's definitely not the norm. I've decided not to bring straight needles because they're long and can look somewhat dangerous. Instead, I'm packing some bamboo dpns, bamboo circulars and metal circulars. I'm also packing them in a pencil case so they just look like skinny pencils and I'm planning to bring a padded SASE just in case my beloved needles are confiscated. Hopefully everything goes smoothly!

I went to Saulnierville today to work on a story about the missing scallop diver. When I finished interviewing the cop who's coordinating the search, I asked him about taking some kind of photo. He said the family didn't really want any photos taken (did he think I wanted a photo of the missing man's family?) because a reporter (me) was at the wharf two weeks ago taking photos and they didn't like that. This struck me as super weird because #1: I only took photos of the RCMP helicopter and the boat the missing man was diving from AND #2: the newspaper didn't use either photo. There were some people in the helicopter shot (two cops and two women), but if they were family members, that's news to me. I didn't end up taking any photos today because the search crews were scattered all along St. Mary's Bay and I couldn't find an easy way to get to them. Oh well.

Two more sleeps to Saskatoon!