Sunday, January 21, 2007

A sea of orange

The knitting portion of Branching Out is done and just in the nick of time. Last night, Moustache took out his aggression on the remaining Misti Alpaca yarn. He tore a huge hole in the Ziploc bag that was housing the yarn and sucked on the glorious Alpaca goodness. The ball was soaking wet with kitty drool. Ew.

I'll probably be blocking the scarf tomorrow when I go to my folks' house (I don't have a room where I can block the scarf and be sure that Moustache doesn't eat it) and I'll have some more pre- and post-blocking photos, including one of Mum's Frenchy's coat with her new lace accessory.

My next project is a pair of felted house slippers made from some gorgeous Manos del Uraguay. This will be my first attempt at felting and I'm very excited about it. The slippers will be gifted to someone, but I can't say who yet because they're supposed to be a surprise! The pattern calls for knitting with three strands at once, so I've started winding a three-ply ball. Fun!

I had my job interview on Thursday and had homework to do for tomorrow. I finished the homework Friday night (can you say "keener"?) and will hand it in tomorrow morning. I can't wait to find out about this position! The employer said to expect to hear about whether I've got the job later on this week. So, again, keep your fingers crossed for me!