Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Kitty Talk

It's time to play every body's favourite game: "My Kitty Does the Darnedest Things!"

Mr. Moustache used to lay down and tuck both of his front paws under his chest, but lately he's only been tucking on paw in. That leave the other paw awkwardly outstretched. He seems to be comfortable lounging around like this but it makes him look like a one-front-pawed kitty. Of course, it's also the cutest thing in the world.

What cute/weird/darnedest things does your kitty do?

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  1. Our 2 kitties have a favorite green chair in the basement which they always fight over. Its an olive green chair and a sleeping, fuzzy black kitty always looks so peaceful on it until the other kitty catches a glimpse and pounces. Much fighting and hissing always ensues until one of them wins or they run off chasing each other. This happens pretty much everyday. Anyway a few weeks ago the same thing happened only I caught them both sleeping on the chair -spooning....


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