Thursday, December 07, 2006

If the sock fits . . .

One sock is finished and the other is well on its way. But there is a slight problem. If you remember, these were supposed to be hubby socks. Well, I must have been extremely tense when knitting sock number one because instead of fitting hubby's size 11 feet, it fits my size 6 1/2 tootsies. Oh well, if the sock fits, I guess I'll have to wear it.

I really like the colourway and the yarn is so cooshy, smooshy and soft. Since they are pretty thick socks, I think they'll be what I like to call "house socks." My Mum asked if "house socks" are anything like slippers . . . I guess they are. I'll be wearing them while bumming around the house on a cool winter's day to keep my feet toasty. Can't wait to finish them so I can slip right into them.

I put up our teeny Christmas tree Sunday night. We usually put the three-footer on the floor, propped up by a wicker box, but this year we had to put it on top of the TV stand so Moustache isn't tempted to attack it. So far, so good.

I helped Mum put her tree up today and now I'm super excited for Christmas! I always get really excited at Christmastime, but usually not this early. I've had all my shopping done since early November and everything's been wrapped since then. I'm a tad bit of a keener.