Thursday, November 02, 2006

road trip to Regina

We had a good trip to Regina yesterday and I've learned the rumours are true about Saskatchewan: it's flat.

Here I am in the car with some flat land in the background:

This is the only hill in Saskatchewan (well, maybe not). The Qu'Appelle Valley:

Saskatoon's river (and, yes, that is ICE!!!):

The village of Chamberlain (near Regina), a typical scene in Saskatchewan. It could almost be the setting for Corner Gas.

The ubiquitous grain silo:

It's definitely cold here on the prairie, but I'm surprised at the difference between -10 degrees in Saskatchewan and -10 in Nova Scotia. It's not very windy here and the air is extremely dry (I feel like I have a cold, but I guess it's just that I'm not used to the dry weather. My throat is so dry and my nose feels funny. I'm hoping to find a solution to the dry throat soon. I will try cough drops today), while in NS it's always windy and wet. -10 definitely feels a lot colder in NS than in Saskatchewan.