Sunday, March 24, 2013

More wristwarmers

I'm been knitting so much lately. So much, in fact, that I have developed what my optometrist says is "occupational myopia." Yup. My formerly-perfect vision is now a little less than perfect in my left eye because I KNIT TOO MUCH.

So how's this for irony? I'm knitting MORE in order to sell more handknits so I can pay for my new glasses! At least this means there are lots of lovely handknits in the shop!

Pubnico Point wristwarmers in grey. 
Pubnico Point mitts in light grey and dark grey. As a self-professed tea addict, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to pair these fingerless mitts with a nice cuppa. So cozy.
Pubnico Point wristwarmers in dark grey. 
My new glasses arrived late last week and I can't believe how clear everything is, even though my prescription is pretty minimal. 
They're the Miles frames from Warby Parker, in case you're wondering!