Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I was the lucky winner of a couple of books on Alison's blog (Thanks again!) and they arrived in my mailbox today!

I must say, I really like Classic Knits at Home, but Glamour Knits at Home is a little too frilly for my taste. There are a couple of patterns I like, but most of them are too fussy for me. Nevertheless, both books are filled with beautiful photographs.

Alison also included a couple of bookplates, which I love.

I casually mentioned to Blogless Annie how deeply I love the way rosemary and mint smell together, as in the Aveda shampoo. She surprised me by whipping up a batch of Mintmary soap! Folks, I wish this was a scratch and sniff blog because this soap smells divine. I want to keep a bar in my pocket at all times, just to take a whiff every few minutes. Mmmm . . .

I still have a few pieces of cake leftover. Who says you can't have cake for breakfast?

P.S. I am still knitting. I have a fiery WIP for Project Spectrum to show you soon!