Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Travel knitting

I've been doing quite a bit of travel knitting lately. On the weekend, Jesse and I drove to Carleton for a bonfire by the lake. I knit while Jesse drove there and then I knit by the fire until it was so dark that the giant fire wasn't bright enough for me to see my needles.

Yesterday, we went to Halifax and I brought both of my projects with us. I knit in the car, I knit in the hospital waiting room and I knit in the doctor's office. I got a lot of knitting done.

The cabled jumper is almost done. I am so excited to see the finished product! I tried it on over the weekend and it fits so well. Just a few more centimetres and the body will be complete. Then, there's just the straps left to knit. I already have cute buttons from Gramie's stash ready for this dress.

And since the dress is a little too unwieldy to carry around, I also have socks to knit while I travel. This is my Socktoberfest sock. Oceanwind knits merino + Hedgerow sock pattern = love. Moustache is also in love with this sock. I think his love affair started when he attacked the hank of sock yarn. He must be so attracted to the yarn since the colour is, as Steph pointed out, a perfect match with his eye colour. Now, he's determined to steal this sock away from me and keep it with his little collection of toys. Little does he know, I am bigger than him and will be victorious in the sock fight.

You might be wondering why I've been sitting in hospital waiting rooms and doctor's offices. Well, a few months ago Jesse had a lump removed from his neck. It turned out to be a tumor and now we know that it was cancerous. We haven't been telling too many people about this, but since he'll be starting treatments soon, it will become apparent that he's a cancer patient. He's been diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease and will be starting chemotherapy Nov. 1. The good news is the cancer is in stage 1A, so we caught it as early as possible. He doesn't have cancer anywhere else in his body, so the chemotherapy will just be to kill off anything that was left in his neck when the tumor was removed. Chances are, he'll have the chemotherapy and will be cured, which is very encouraging. He's also feeling fine (as am I) and we're very optimistic about everything.

I'll be doing a lot more travel knitting in the near future as he'll be getting all of his treatments in Halifax. Of course, I'll be doing most of the driving, so I guess I'll be doing more "waiting room knitting" than travel knitting. In order to make that "waiting room knitting" more pleasurable, I went out and bought myself a gift.

Addi Turbos. My first pair. It's all very thrilling. The next pair of socks on my needles will be knit using the magic loop method.

Also, thanks for voting on the "Amber" paintings. Right now it's a tie between the light and dark backgrounds!