Friday, February 23, 2007

The one-at-a-time rule

A lot of knitters tend to embark on three or four (or ten) projects at a time. They’re working on two sweaters, three pairs of socks, a baby hat and some mittens, dividing their time amongst the legions of woolly projects. But one (or many) will inevitably fall to the bottom of the knitting basket and stay there for weeks, months, years . . .

That’s why I’m a one-at-a-time kind of gal. It’s not that I’m bad at multitasking, I actually have a fairness issue. Everything always has to be fair. So, if I start a project, in order to be fair to it, I must focus all my attention on that one project until it’s complete. It just wouldn’t be nice to set it aside and jump into another project.

But I’ve decided to put Rusted Root aside for a few days in order to work on some wristers for Sherrie’s dad. Apparently his mother used to knit tubes (that look like sock tops) he could wear on his wrists so that the cold Canadian air doesn’t sneak into the gap that forms between mittens and jacket sleeves. Smart, eh? Sherrie’s dad’s birthday is coming up next week and he requested some wristers, so she’s contracted me out to do the deed.

I cast on 60 stitches of Artyarns Supermerino sock yarn and I’m knitting a 2x2 rib tube. Sherrie’s dad wants his new wristers to be a bit longer than the grey prototype, so I should have enough yarn in one skein for a pair.

I’m using some brand new needles for this project. They’re 3.5 mm (US 4) birch needles by Brittany. I like them. It’s always nice to try something different.


  1. Wow! I feel so honoured that you disregarded your one-at-a-time rule for little old me! :) The start looks great - I can't wait to see the finished product! :) Thanks again for being so willing to make them!

  2. They're actually a lot of fun to knit. The first wrister is almost done already! So far, the squishy-softness is mind-blowing. I can't wait to show them to you!

  3. this is not related to those cute wristers. i just found out theres a movie for "madame rosa". its from 1977. i wanted to let you know before i forgot. here's a link about it. i know you don't like movies, but come on, it's madame rosa.

  4. Jesse - I've seen this film you're talking about. It's based on La Vie Devant Soi. We watched it in my littérature class.


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