Thursday, February 01, 2007

Felted footsies!



Pattern: House Slippers by Mel Clark
Source: Knit 2 Together
Materials: two skeins of Manos del Uruguay in colour E (green) and one in 04 (turquoise)
Needles: US 13/9 mm straights and US 11/8 mm circulars
Started: January 23, 2007
Finished: February 1, 2007

Modifications: None.

Notes: These would have been done sooner had I found the circular needles that I needed when I went looking for them. Since the slippers are knit with three strands of yarn held together on super-big needles, they knit up really quickly. I got the yarn free because I had gift certificates for my lys -- the high price tag of Manos is the only thing keeping me from knitting a whole bunch of these! I could, of course, use another yarn but the Manos really does look great and it felts up beautifully.

Next up: finishing those oh-so-cute Jaywalkers (really, you'll squeal "Cute!" when you see them) and then . . . I'd like to try my hand at another sweater or cardigan.