Sunday, August 11, 2013

Pomboup cowl

There's a new darn it all design in the shop! After a couple of failed prototypes, I'm happy to reveal the Pomboup cowl!

Pombcoup cowl 
It's an infinity cowl with a double moss stitch texture. I really love this design. It's the perfect width and length to wrap around your neck twice. Made with soft merino wool -- like all my knits -- it's going to be so cozy this autumn!
Pombcoup cowl
While I wait for a giant yarn shipment, I've been busying myself by knitting more cabled bracelets. This set of three is in cream, magenta and black.
cabled bracelets/braided cuffs
I almost have enough bracelets on hand to make an entire sleeve! Cabled cuffs for EVERYONE!
cabled bracelets for EVERYONE!