Thursday, January 29, 2009

Like cozying up in a basket of Fleece Artist

Remember way back when Lolly was visiting and I bought that to-die-for Fleece Artist kit? It wasn't long before I cast on and started creating my very own Lady of the Lake cardigan (rav). But then I lost the pattern. And then the kind ladies at Fleece Artist sent me the pattern. You'd think that would mean that I could finish the cardigan, but no. Then all that Christmas knitting happened and the ol' Lady fell by the wayside.

But after Christmas, I promised to pick up that ol' Lady again and finish her. It didn't take long once I got started again.
365-268 (Lady of the Lake!)
Pattern: Lady Of The Lake
Materials: 1 skein Fleece Artist Curly Locks and 2 skeins Fleece Artist Kid Aran
Needles: 7mm circular
Started: sometime during the summer of 2008
Finished: January 21, 2009
Raveled here

I didn't make any modifications. The cardigan looked kind of short when I finished piecing it together, but I wasn't worried because according to Ravelry, a good blocking does wonders. And it did.

I am so happy with this cardigan. It's incredibly cozy, not itchy at all, and wearing it is like cozying up in a basket of Fleece Artist yarn. Jealous?
365-242 (and you'd better not put it in the dryer this time)
All of this FO talk got me thinking that I forgot to blog about a couple of hats that I've knit in 2009. Remember Jesse's Hubby hat? Well, before Christmas he told me it wasn't quite long enough to cover his ears completely and he wondered if I could pick up some stitches along the brim to extend it a bit. Sure. Then he showed me the hat. He had felted it! Sure, it was superwash yarn, but that doesn't mean you can put it in the dryer! I agreed to make him a new hubby hat out of leftover bits and bobs of Mission Falls 1824 wool, but only after I gave him a stern warning about washing handknits!
Sweet Baby Cap #3
And this little guy wasn't knit for anyone in particular, I just had that mini-skein of Koigu KPM burning a hole in my stash and needed to knit with it. I still have enough for some booties or baby socks.