Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More Christmas knits

Now that the holidays are over, I can expose the rest of my secret Christmas knits. My cousin, Andrea, has two Guinea pigs that she loves more than anyone could ever love a rodent, so I scoured the Internet for a decent Guinea Pig pattern. Not an easy task. Most patterns are too cartoon-y and cutesy. When I was just about to give up, I came across this pattern on etsy. I bought the most disgusting yarn known to mankind and whipped this up at the eleventh hour.
Ginger Guinea Pig
Isn't she just the cutest thing in the world? My uncle said she stole the show on Christmas morning!

My fourth and last Gloria Cowl went to my sister-in-law, Hannah. She loved it! But really, can you blame her? It's knit from beautiful Fleece Artist Nova Socks yarn. Mmmm.
365-232 (one last cowl)

And, surprise, surprise! Mum got a Forest Canopy Shawl too! She knew about Gramie's shawl and Gramie knew about Mum's shawl, but neither of them knew they were getting their very own shawl! Heh heh.
Mum's shawl
The colour is just perfect on her. It's knit from Black Lamb City Silk.

Dad is an avid birdwatcher. Well, I guess avid might be kind of an understatement. He's not one of those guys who'll drive 500 kms to see a rare bird, but he will devote several months each year to monitoring certain species of birds. If you want to know more, check out his Web site.
Dad's blue jay
I found this blue jay pattern on Ravelry and couldn't pass it up -- it's just way too flippin' cute. I didn't really expect it to turn out as well as the pattern picture, but it did. It's just perfect!

My brother, Nigel, couldn't be left out. He casually mentioned that he wanted a knit gecko after I gave him Myrtle for his birthday. So, again, I scoured the Internet for the perfect pattern. Who knew Fiber Trends carried an adorable gecko pattern? The only hitch is that it cost me $15USD to get the pattern mailed to me. Ouch.
Nigel's gecko
I knit the gecko and needle felted some markings to make it look like his late pet, Zia. I think he was pretty darn happy with her!

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and have a fantastic 2009!