Friday, June 08, 2007

Holy jeez! This is knot cool.

An Update! The kind folks at Brown Sheep Company are putting a skein of Cotton Fleece in the mail for me. In the meantime, I frogged the sweater back to where the yarn thinned out and I'm slowly progressing.

I've been working on this Preppy Polo Shirt from Not Another Teen Knitting Book and I noticed something funny today.

See that line where my knitting seems to go from thick to thin? Yeah, I see that too. It happens right where I encountered a knot in my skein of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece. Upon closer inspection, I noticed the yarn went from having four distinct plies to having three.

Not cool.

I e-mailed Brown Sheep and I'm waiting to hear back. I'll have to rip my work back until I get to where the knot was. The thinness is too noticeable to leave the way it is. Argh!


  1. Bummer! That is indeed not cool. Hopefully they'll send you copious amounts of free goodies. :)

  2. Not good. Let us know what they say/do.

  3. OMG!! thats ridiculous...i've never ever heard of that happening before...the proof is in the yarn though, & there it is...thick & thin!


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