Monday, May 28, 2007

It's a vest!

Trellis is now an attractive little vest without buttons. I wish I could get a better photo of it, but I'm learning red garments aren't the easiest things to photograph. The sleeves are done, but they (obviously) haven't been sewn on yet. We're on the home stretch, folks. This cardigan will be complete very soon.

As I planned, I managed to squeeze in a trip in to Gaspereau Valley Fibres near Wolfville while I was on my business trip. It's pretty much the happiest place on Earth. The yarn shop is located in a modest barn, but when you step inside, it's a friggin' theme park. This place is full of amazing yarn. I can't even begin to describe it.

I did manage to leave with a few skeins. Some Fleece Artist sock yarn made it into my knitting bag along with some yarn I found in a bin of Fleece Artist "factory seconds" (I use the term "factory" loosely as I know full well a Fleece Artist factory does not exist) on sale for $8 per 100 g. What a deal!

It doesn't come with a ball band, so I have no idea what this is. It looks like it's fingering weight so it's probably sock yarn, but I think I'll knit a lovely ripple scarf with it.


  1. Wow, what a score. Gorgeous Fleece Artist for 8 bucks! I'll be sure to visit this place next time I'm in N.S.

    Can't wait to see Trellis done. Looking good.

  2. Hello!
    Wow I love your blog! I am not really a knitter, but the things you have made are really amazing! Awesome that you live in Yarmouth as well!
    -Melissa E Earle


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