Monday, April 30, 2007

FO: Lacy Hug-Me-Tight

Here it is, finally finished.

Pattern: Lacy Hug-Me-Tight by Mel Clark
Source: Knit 2 Together by Tracey Ullman and Mel Clark
Materials: five skeins of Blue Sky Alpacas Alpaca & Silk in Colour I33 (Blush)
Needles: US 5 (3.75 mm) and US 8 (5 mm) bamboo circs.
Started: March 27, 2007
Finished knitting: April 29, 2007

Notes: I'm very happy with this garment. It could use some light blocking, but I was so excited about finishing it that I haven't bathed it yet (plus, the drying rack is currently occupied). It looks lovely with this maroon dress and it'll also look nice with a couple other dresses I own.

Watch out! This is my over-the-shoulder-red-carpet pose.

The only qualm I had with this pattern is the funky diagram. I'm thankful the written directions were much better than this retarded diagram. Steph suggested a non-knitter might have drawn it -- I tend to agree.

How is that eye shaped thing supposed to translate into this?


  1. That is so gorgeous. And I agree, a ridiculous diagram. Space filler?

  2. Wow - I so did not see that as the end result of that pattern diagram. Now that I see it on you it makes way more sense than what I envisioned.

    Good for you, b.t.w. not procrastinating on the seaming!

    It's simply beautiful! And it fits you perfectly!

  3. That is just STUNNING Ingrid!! You must be so proud. It looks beautiful on you.

  4. SO cute! And it does indeed fit you perfectly. And it just looks so... difficult to make! I'm impressed. :)

  5. That turned out so nice!

  6. Oh wow! That's super pretty!


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